You can choose between sessions and lessons for all activities. Water-skiing is a great option not just for adults, but for your kids too. It is the first of many disciplines; you can start from the age of 6. Give yourselves and your children the chance to learn something new and exciting. Here at Aristos we have a very high success rate in teaching pupils from all ages, the proper techniques in order to succeed. And once you learn you can do it anywhere. We offer lessons for beginners, intermediate or even advanced instruction. For the already in the know, contact us to book in for a morning or late afternoon session around the entire bay. Or book in for an upgrade or try a lesson in something more challenging such as Mono-skiing.


Bookings are essential for early mornings lessons when the water is calm. For the beginners, you can get a chance to experience what it feels like to succeed in these wonderful disciplines. Try a full lesson the durations is approx. 30 minutes but can go longer depending on the student. Or perhaps you need a refresher course we offer half-lessons also. For the advanced contact us for a booking. We will happily assist with whatever you require. Call us for a consultation.