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Get ready to feel your heart pumping with the latest trend in the water sports world - the Flyboard/Hoverboard.

Aristos Water Sports offers you the chance to try a flyboarding session filled with fun and adrenaline! The Flyboard consists of a board under your feet with two powerful jets. That allows you to fly over water, jumping like a dolphin and learning/doing all kinds of tricks. It is an amazing feeling that you can only truly understand, once you try it! Contrary to how difficult it seems. It is an easier activity to learn than it seems . Most people get some "fly time" during the first session. The Flyboard requires some physical strength, very good balance and above all, you must be comfortable in the water.

How does it work 

  1. You will meet your instructor and he/she  will give you the safety instructions and basic techniques to handle the flyboard.

  2. You will receive the necessary equipment and be accompanied to the jet ski. The instructor will guide you with advice before and during your flyboarding session.

  3. At the end of your session,  we will take you back to our platform.


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